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Buyer Information

Privacy Statement

The security of your sensitive credit card information is of utmost importance to Lustersheen-Online. To that end, we use state-of-the-art security encryption when your sensitive information is transmitted while placing an online order. You can be assured that your credit card information is securely transmitted and safely handled at all times.

We respect your privacy!
Any and all the information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned!
Any information you provide will be held with the utmost care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.
The information collected on Lustersheen-Online is information which you may enter into the customer information forms before checkout.  This information is never sold nor will it be shared with any other companies. Its sole use is for making your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Information gathered by the use of online forms cookies or server logs is only used for internal site maintenance, security, and upgrades. This information will not be sold or shared with any other company.

Terms and Conditions

Product Guarantee:

Lustra products are fully guaranteed to be as stated. Lustra products are very high quality products and generally perform as such when used according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Lustra wax is often liquid in hot weather and this is not a defect, but an inherent trait of the wax blend.

Sales Tax & Shipping Information:
Our software will automatically add 5.5% Maine sales tax to orders being shipping to Maine.

Shipping rates: You will be shown real-time shipping rates as part of the checkout process. You have a choice of FedEx, UPS, or USPS.


Please check your merchandise upon receipt of shipment.
Returns for full refund due to errors (Lustersheen-Online’s or the customer’s), defective merchandise or other problems must be accomplished within 21 days of your purchase. This is only reasonable, and is meant to be a reasonable policy for both Lustersheen-Online and the customer. Cost of return shipping will be paid by Lustersheen-Online if the error is ours; the customer will pay return shipping if the error is theirs.

Returns from 21 days to 45 days are subject to a 20% restocking fee and return shipping costs to be paid by the customer, no matter whose error, even when damage was not discovered in the 21 day period.

It is also not unusual for there to be slight leakage, although we take many precautions against this. This in no way diminishes the value of the product, unless the leakage is unreasonable.

Returns over 45 days are subject to our approval and a 40% restocking fee.

Our return policy is not to discourage you from purchasing, it is to encourage you to check your merchandise on receipt. 99.99% of all orders are A-OK, but returning product that is not needed months later is difficult to deal with. Check your purchase against your actual order for color, sizes, and project requirements ASAP after receipt of shipment. Thank you.

Any questions or comments about Briwax products should also emailed to orders@lustersheen-online.com. All email will be promptly answered.