The Craftsman Furniture Polish


Cleans and restores your furniture’s finish


Based on a 100 year old formulation.

Cleans and restores your furniture’s finish. Use on lacquers, shellac, French Polish, varnish, painted wood.

Prevents your furniture’s finish from drying, cracking, crazing and dulling.

What restorers, curators and auction houses have used for years

No build-up. No silicones

Use it on furniture, paneling, kitchen cabinets, woodwork and floors.
Easy to use.

Made by furniture makers, by hand, in small batches and put up in pint tin cans.

Most of the furniture from the Arts and Crafts time was primarily finished in orange shellac or orange shellac mixed with a grade of lacquer that had a base compatible with shellac. We were the last people in the country to utilize that grade of lacquer and we have had to adapt to a society that sees our methods as archaic. The dressing is applied with the grain, wiping off the hand oils, fingerprints, trapped dust, etc, without affecting the original colors of the finish.

(Remember to always use 100% cotton cloth when wiping the polish. We buy bales of old cotton diapers, new ones are too harsh and scratch furniture). Start with the broadest expanse of the furniture (i.e. the top of the table). Allow 5-7 minutes between application and removal.

Available in a 1 pint (16 ounce) metal container.

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Weight1.8 lbs