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Outstanding Projects from America’s Best Craftsmen
By Neal Barrett


Clear, step-by-step instructions with cut lists, exploded & measured drawings for 11 attractive projects with a wide range of designs.

From the Publisher:  The beautiful, well-designed bookcases in this book are easy to build. Clear step-by-step instructions guide the building of each project. Exploded and measured drawings show every detail. Cut lists make it easy to get started. There’s even a chapter on general construction strategies for building any other design. The 11 attractive projects are in a range of designs from the best contemporary American woodworkers, including:

Shaker-style bookcase with glass doors from Christian Becksvoort
Arts and Crafts bookcase from Kevin Rodel
Country-Colonial bookcase from Randy O’Donnell
Shaker-style wall shelf from Peter Turner
Barrister bookcase from Curtis Erpelding
Step-back bookcase from Niall Barrett
From Builders Booksource: Really nice projects. These are all simple, elegant bookcases that are within reach of the home craftsperson. For a first projects book for a new woodworker or even the sophisticated professional looking for ideas. Good stuff! 192 pages, extensive drawings and photographs, Paperback Taunton Press (11/99)

ISBN 13: 978-1-56158-303-4
ISBN 10: 1-56158-303-0
Pages: 192 Allow 2.75 lb shipping weight

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Weight 2.75 lbs