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Boxes & Chests


How to Make & Decorate Boxes & Chests
By Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater


Step-by-step instructions, illustrations & plans for historical boxes & chests. 15 projects in total.

Here are 15 Colonial-style box and chest projects to enhance your home. They’re presented with step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, and detailed plans. An 8-page color section shows the finished pieces in all their glory.

The traditional country boxes and chests offered in this book represent the wide assortment of pieces created and used in American homes before the age of mass production. With step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, and detailed plans provided, you can easily reproduce these historical boxes and chests for your own home.

These include: New England Knife Tray; Painted Pennsylvania German Dowry Chest; Carved Pine Chest; New England Candle Box; New England Pipe Box; Pencil Box; Six-Board Chest; and Cottage Writing Box.

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