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Civil War Woodworking


Civil War Woodworking
by A J Hamler

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Civil War Woodworking is the perfect sourcebook to create a host of accurate reproductions of Civil War-era objects. All 17 projects- which range from fairly easy to moderately difficult- include fully illustrated step-by-step instructions with an emphasis on authenticity. Each project chapter provides Civil War history about the item, as well as all the key information you will need to duplicate period workmanship, materials and finishes in the modern shop. Projects include an ammunition box, a folding camp stool, an officer’s field desk, a candle lantern, a camp chair, tent pegs, and wooden games- each absolutely authentic and accurate.

With scores of original photographs from the Library of Congress, as well as modern images of reenactors using the reproductions, Civil War Woodworking is sure to appeal to both the woodworker and history buff. 164 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-933502-28-1

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