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Classic Arts & Crafts


Classic Arts & Crafts Furniture You Can Build
by Andy Schultz


“Of all the causes supported by the adherents of the Arts and Crafts movement, none is so much at the center of it all, or through it all, as the concept of living the good life. Whether through social reform or through the return to simple pleasures or to simple desires in furniture and such, the proponents of the movement, in its various forms, were dedicated to making life more enjoyable.”
–Chris Simpson

Prized by collectors for its elegance, simplicity and comfort, Arts & Crafts style furniture is the perfect complement to any home decor. Now you can build this distinctive furniture yourself, following step-by-step instructions for 20 beautiful projects.

In keeping with the classic tradition of William Morris, Gustav Stickley and the Greene brothers, each piece is constructed from easy-to-work, quartersawn white oak and mahogany, and requires only two basic joints for assembly. In addition, detailed drawings, numbered steps and full-color photos are featured throughout to make sure that you complete every project successfully.

Paperback, 69 color, 30 b&w illustration, 128 pages

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