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Come-Packt Furniture Company


Come-Packt Furniture Company
Illustrated Mission Furniture Catalog, 1912-13


This furniture company based in Ann Arbor, Ml and Toledo, OH offered quality mission furniture at a 25% to 50% discount to its competitors’ furniture because, as the company name implies, its furniture was sold to customers in “knocked-down” form for assembly at home using only a screw driver. That is, the furniture would “come packed” in pieces and sections for final assembly by the consumer, thus saving on freight costs. This book is a reprint of the Come-Packt Furniture Company’s 1912-13 catalog featuring more than 400 forms, including chairs, settles, couches, tables, desks, bookcases, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, and many smaller items such as umbrella stands, mirrors, and taborets. Also included is a color page showing available finishes and leather cushion materials.

Softcover, 75 pages

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