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Craftsman Furnishings for the Home


Craftsman Furnishings for the Home


This newly republished 64-page reprint of a 1912 Gustav Stickley catalog features all manner of Craftsman furnishings for the home – everything needed to accessorize the Arts and Crafts home – including: table lamps, floor lamps, hammered metal lanterns, fireplace tools, metal umbrella stands, hammered copper desk sets, tea services, smoking sets, willow (wicker) furniture, curtains, portieres, table scarves, bedspreads, pillows, rugs, and willow baskets – even Craftsman Lustre, Gustav Stickley’s own furniture polish.

Where else, for example, will you find 50 different designs and styles of Arts and Crafts curtains, 12 different patterns of rugs, and 21 different Craftsman lamps. This catalog is packed with beautiful things.

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