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Finishing Handbook


Finishing Handbook
by the Editors of Wood Magazine


WOOD magazine, the most trusted source, answers every woodworker’s question: “how do I finish my project?”

A compilation of the magazine’s finest articles on the subjects of varnishes, solvents, oils, and paints covers everything from basic preparation to pros’ personal favorite finishes. Along the way, experts offer advice on how to color wood for a clear finish, refine a finish with wet sanding or waxing, and use brushes, sprayers, and solvents. Painted finishes get a full chapter, with instructions on laying down a low-tech spray finish, crackling, and antiquing. A selection of eye-appealing treatments include a faux stone finish, creative combing, and color glazing. Guidance on dealing with old finishes and two special projects for practicing skills round out this unmatched collection.

176 pages, Soft Cover, 8″ X 10″

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