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Complete Woodfinishing


Complete Woodfinishing ; Revised Edition , By Ian Hosker


Complete and accessible, the guide simplifies daunting choices regarding proper finishes for various surfaces. Along with expert tips on finding the right finish for each job, comes a start-to-finish tour through the skills of power sanding, surface preparation, staining, bleaching, varnishing, coloring, using modern synthetic lacquers, and finishing turned works. Includes recipes for special finishes.

Ian Hosker In this thoroughly updated and expanded edition of his original book, the British expert Ian Hosker provides instruction on a large variety of materials and processes of woodfinishing, with clear photographs and drawings. Includes finishes for woodturnings, information on refinishing, and a guide to special effects with paint.

8 1/4 X 10 7/8. all in color

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Weight 2 lbs