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Creating the Perfect Wood Finish


Creating the Perfect Wood Finish
with Joe L’Erario


L’Erario, one half of the TLC channel’s “The Furniture Guys” spins his own advice teaching woodworkers to learn to restore, revive or remove and apply new finishes to the their tired and worn furniture.

Go on an educational (and frequently amusing) tour of the world of finishing. Learn why shellac, lacquer and varnish are great (in most cases), and why oil finishes and water-base finishes are suspect (despite everything you read in woodworking magazines and books). Many of these methods will shock you, some will make you laugh (like the one that uses hamster bedding) but all of them will be useful in your workshop. Once you understand the basics, L’Erario gets down to business by finishing two projects that demonstrate many of the lessons in the book.

Paperback; 128 pages and 275 color illustrations pages

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