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Dining Tables


Dining Tables
by Kim Carleton Graves & Masha Zager


Enjoying a meal at a handcrafted dining table is one of a woodworker’s great pleasures. These tables have been designed by America’s top craftsmen. There are tables to suit every taste and decor: Country, Shaker, traditional Colonial, and Queen Anne. Step-by-step photos, clear building instructions, cut lists, and measured drawings are included for each project. A special chapter offers seasoned advice on how to solve table-building challenges, as well as how to create and adapt designs.

Whether you are a beginner of an experienced woodworker, the dining tables in this book with provide plenty of challenges to increase your skills. The tables range in difficulty form a simple trestle table to a formal veneered table. 185 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-56158-491-8

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