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Lifetime Furniture, Puritan Motif


Lifetime Furniture, Puritan Motif


This book is the essential companion to the Life-Time Furniture reprint of the 1911 catalog. Lifetime Furniture, Puritan Motif, 1918 Catalog features Lifetime Furniture exclusively in the Puritan motif, or refined mission style, in the words of the company’s ad copy writers. This light, elegant Arts and Crafts furniture, characterized by long graceful corbels and arched stretchers, was introduced in April 1917 and was popular with the public for years after Gustav Stickley and most other leading Arts and Crafts furniture manufacturers went out of business or moved on to historical period motifs.

This book reprints the complete contents of the 1918 catalog together with the original November 1918 price list. The catalog features 75 different forms of Puritan-style mission furniture. The book includes a scholarly Introduction illustrated with period photographs.

48 pages

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