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Light Weight Cut Resistant Gloves


Light Weight Cut Resistant Gloves


Magid CutMaster 1324KV Lightweight Machine Knit Gloves, Made with Dupont® Kevlar® 500

The Magid CutMaster 1324KV Lightweight Machine Knit Glove is an excellent choice for protection against cuts and lacerations to the hand. Made from 100% Kevlar® yarn, this glove offers ANSI Cut Level 2 protection while also providing excellent puncture and flame resistance.

Pound for pound, Kevlar® fiber has been shown to be five times stronger than steel, making it an ideal material in the manufacture of cut resistance work gloves. The CutMaster 1324KV Work Glove’s lightweight design provides excellent comfort and dexterity alone or as a liner under another work glove. The glove’s seamless, reversible composition not only allows the glove to be worn on either hand, extending the life of the glove but paired with its color coded over edge by size, simplifies sorting and distribution after laundering.

Large Only ~ these are a flexible knit, so large usually fits.

Additional information

Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × .5 in