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Rustic Furniture Workshop


Rustic Furniture Workshop
by Daniel Mack


“…the perfect guide for anyone working with his hands.”–Log Homes Illustrated.

From sticks, twigs, and other found wood–nature’s beautiful treasure–put together great-looking and brilliantly simple chairs, tables, screens, and more…in just a weekend! A renowned rustic woodworker, whose love of the art is absolutely irresistible, reveals the secrets of transforming the plain into the exceptional. With his straightforward, friendly instructions and easy techniques for cutting, mortise-and-tenon joinery, and wood weaving, even the completely inexperienced can enjoy the satisfaction of making furniture.

It all begins with a 7-foot ladder: all the other projects, from a four-panel room divider to a garden arbor to a bentwood armchair, build on its basic construction principles. Throughout, galleries exhibit a range of work by professionals, designed to inspire and instruct, and boxed features highlight pertinent information. A very special extra: several of the most creative specialists in rustic woodwork generously offer their personal time-tested tips on finishing, the best tools, and safety procedures.

112 pages (all in color), 8-1/2” x 11′

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