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The Early Work of Gustav Stickley


The Early Work of Gustav Stickley


This book was prepared in response to the tremendous interest in Gustav Stickley’s earlier furniture designs. It is a compilation of rare drawings from the 1901Chips from the Craftsman Workshops, 1902 retailers plates, Gustav Stickley’s 1901 catalog, and the Supplement to Catalogue D from 1905. The material is arranged in chronological order.

The original pages have been reorganized in some instances in the interest clarity and appearance. The book includes some contemporary photos of rare and important examples of Gustav Stickley’s work from before 1905, as well as illustrations of lamps, shades, hanging fixtures, and wicker furniture pieces. This book should help to resolve some questions regarding the design, design evolution, and production of Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman furniture.

176 pages

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