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Wood Finishing Fixes


Wood Finishing Fixes
by Michael Dresdner


Quick answers to over 175 most frequently asked questions.

Finishing is one of the most popular and challenging woodworking topics. This accessible book by finishing pro Michael Dresdner uses a Q&A format to address the most commonly asked finishing questions in a logical way.

You’ll find this book is long on solutions, not theory — so it won’t take hours to digest. You’ll want to keep this essential guide on hand throughout the finishing process — from sanding to final polish.

Discover answers to questions like these:
What finish should I use for a front door?
Do I need to sand between each coat when I’m finishing?
Can I lighten a stain that looks too dark?
How do I fix a dent that’s too deep to sand out?
What finish is best for items that come in contact with food?
Can I use a foam brush to apply varnish and polyurethane?
How can I avoid drips and runs when I spray finish?
How do I get a uniform stain color on different color woods?

Softcover, 8 x 10 in., 144 pages, with color photos and drawings

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