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Step By Step Guitar Making


Step By Step Guitar Making
by Alex Willis

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Making an acoustic guitar is much easier than you’d think. And, with this straightforward guide, some basic woodworking skills, a modest workspace, and a few special tools, you too can make an eye-catching instrument that’s ready for the concert stage. The fully illustrated and easy-to-follow instructions take you through the whole procedure while the full-size plans make the cutting and preparing the individual parts a breeze.

The guitar described in this book is the ever-popular steel-stringed OM cutaway model with 14 frets to the body joint. This pattern is ideal for the finger style player and offers great projection in the bass, middle and treble ranges.

In addition to building the guitar, you’ll learn how to tune the soundboard, to place the frets accurately, and to adjust the action for comfortable paying. There is nothing mysterious about making a musical instrument: it’s a fun woodworking project that incorporates basic woodworking skills. With the aid of tips and techniques in this book, and the enclosed full-size plans, you can craft a project that you’ll play for years to come.

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