5″ Bronze Polishing Pad (Individual)


5″ Bronze Polishing Pad (Individual)


Lustersheen 5″ Diameter Bronze Polishing Pad
Ideal for exterior and marine grade cleaning & polishing.

The 5″ diameter polishing pads are made using a high performance bronze alloy shaved to form a metallic wool in grade fine and then backed with a fabric. Bronze polishing pads are great for polishing all types of metallic and wood surfaces and their associated finishes. Bronze polishing pads are the ideal material for window and glass cleaning. There is no better material available for cleaning aquarium glass. These polishing pads can be used by hand or with an orbital machine. Hook-and-loop or peel-and-stick supplies are available locally so that the pads can be mounted to your own tools.


Wood: Used alone or with a good quality spray polish or paste wax; provides the optimum sheen on all wood surfaces including cabinets, railings, furniture, baseboards, woodwork and paneling.
Glass: Can be used alone without a liquid agent to clean and polish glass surfaces. Excellent for cleaning mirrors, windows, shower stalls and other glass surfaces
Metal: Can also be used with or without a cleaning compound. Can be used on brass lamps, metal railings and fixtures as well as other decorative metal surfaces.
Ceramic tile: Excellent for cleaning high glazed shower tile. Bring a bronze pad into the shower with you and quickly remove residue, grime, mold and mildew with ease. No need for specialized sprays or treatment. An old time tried and true method.
General cleaning: It can be used directly on glass surfaces without sprays to remove dust, dirt and other residue.

The Benefits

Bronze wool is non-corrosive and any fibers left behind will not be subject to oxidation .
Made of the finest bronze wool fibers attached to soft synthetic fibers making a composite textile.
This method produces a product ideal for polishing fine wood finishes, cleaning glass and brightening dull metal surfaces
These polishing pads are re-usable and are designed to easily produce and maintain professional looking finishes.
This combination of fine grade bronze wool laminated to soft synthetic fibers reduces the risk of cutting too deeply into a fine finish, while still achieving the gloss level desired with minimal effort.

Additional information

Weight.20 lbs